Thursday, 17 October 2013


I've been quite busy with modelling recently, with rehearsals for Leeds Fashion Show, doing their promo shoot alongside being approached for some very exciting ad campaigns I've found it hard to get a minute to myself. So when I was asked to model for a photoshoot with Emily Bailey & Liza Mooney MUA my reaction was...hell yeah! I can't turn down opportunities to work with such talented creatives and so jumped at the chance! (I'll have that hot bubble bath and girly film another night.) ;)

Centered around the Elizabethan period, with a baroque inspiration, the look was very much a recreation of our royal highness Elizabeth I. Pale powdery skin, dishevelled powdery hair and dark lips. Clothing supplied by Love Child complimented the concept perfectly. Corsets and bustle skirts embodied the feel of power and regality.
I managed to get some behind the scenes shots of hair and makeup, plus a first edit at the bottom. Be sure to like my page to see the full shoot!

Kirsty xx

Photography: Emily Bailey
Makeup: Liza Mooney
Hair: Tony Waterhouse at Rebel Pin Up
Clothing: Lovechild Boudoir

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