Monday, 15 April 2013

Panic Packing and Holiday Reminiscing

Am I the only one who leaves packing until the day before I go!? I find myself scrambling about at the last minute, stuffing things into my suitcase, after kidding myself for the past few days that I'd have loads of time. I do it every time!
Plus, I always seem to think that I have to take everything! I try and muster up uses for outfits that I really like, even though they're absolutely not going to be suitable. I've just bought a pair of suede leggings from Mint Velvet, and desperately want to wear them. Although I don't think that Tenerife at 22 degrees is going to be the best climate. Unless I want to replicate Ross and his leather pants fiasco.
We weren't big on travelling as a family when I was younger. We were campers. We'd haul up to a campsite, roll onto our designated patch of grass, and literally set up camp for a week. We were practically pro's by the time we were in our early teenagers. We had a 13 man tent! Except for the fact that there were four of us, not sure what really lodged that idea into my Dad's head. After a few hours of putting up the tent, unpacking our clothes into a pop up wardrobe and blowing up our air beds we were set. I loved camping. When we went back to school after the six week holidays, all the other kids were really tanned and had stories of how long they spent in the pool or on the beach, me and my sister told our friends we had been camping. 'Oooh where? France?' No, in the Lake District. It rained and we stayed practically outside. But our stories we had to tell we're better.
My Dad is a very 'hands on' person when it comes to holidays. There's no sitting around and letting time pass, he would find days out, mountain walks and climbs. One day we were greeted with 'Right up and at 'em, today we're going to climb a mountain.' The look of utter horror on my Mums face was our hint that he wasn't lying. So in 2007 I climbed Mount Dodd with my family. It took us five hours up and then about 4 back down. The atmosphere and scenery when we reached the top was enough to silence all of us. I class it as one of my greatest achievements.
So to be going away to the Canary Islands, as a gift from my boyfriend for my 21st, is exciting. I'm not used to packing sun cream, and anti-bug repellent as it wasn't really necessary for our family getaways. I'm in a whole new ball game.
Reverting back to the whole packing problem, how do you know you're not going to need every pair of shoes you own? The only thing restricting me is my partner banging on about the baggage allowance. I didn't even know there was a restriction! I thought it was, if it could get in my suitcase it was allowed. As in I'm restricted to one bag, I didn't know the weight mattered!
So I'm a total newbie when it comes to going away. But to be somewhere where the temperature isn't going to be a minus number in January is a big bonus! When I turn 21 I'll be sunning it up, sangria in hand, wearing my sunnies and probably not even touched half of what I packed.

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