Wednesday, 24 April 2013

London Graduate Fashion Week: Lookbook Shoot

Yesterday saw me travelling to Bradford city centre to shoot a lookbook for the college students, as representation for their course at London Graduate Fashion Week!

 I am really excited about seeing the final outcome, which is going to be a lookbook put together and handed out at the event. The potential of being seen by many prestigious possibilities gets me giddy. I'll put up some snaps of the lookbook when I manage to get hold of one. 

I knew it was going to be a long day, 14 outfits to shoot in total! Each student had to pick one outfit from their final collection to go in the lookbook. There were some amazing, AMAZING designs that had been created. Listening to everyone telling me the inspiration behind their collections was so interesting. OAP's, crooked buildings, Arabian princess burials there was a definite mixture. See if you can tell which ones are which in the pictures below, are there any that stand out?

This image, from Lou's Instagram is a montage of what I wore, and by whom it was made.

The brief for the photographs was very simple, there wasn't a lot of posing involved. The clothing had to be displayed clearly, showing the front, side and back of the garment. Arms by my side and standing straight was the pose for almost every outfit. We did a couple of close up shots where I was able to be more creative. Lou, the stylist on the shoot made sure that the outfits were sitting correctly and that my hair was right before each set of shots. Thanks for being my dresser too, after the first few outfits I was tiring, Lou kept me going right until the end of all 14! The make-up was very minimal. There was just one look for all of the outfits and so the look had to match with everything, so nothing too bold or contrasting. A brown smokey eye and a pinky-nude lip fit the brief perfectly.

Visit my page to see the whole shoot!

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Clothing: Bradford College Fashion Students
Photography: Josh Wilde
Styling: Lou Marie Wheatcroft
Make Up: Ellis Kormoss
Creative Director: Rosanna Grace Woods

Speak soon!
Love Kirst xxx

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