Monday, 15 April 2013

Pastels Photoshoot: Becci Short Photography

I originally started my blog to update you guys with my modelling, and I don't think I've posted about one photoshoot I've done yet! So here I start, with the most recent studio shoot I did with Becci Short photography. It's a start, and I'll keep up with it now, promise!
I was excited when Becci contacted me about collaborating on the shoot as I love working in a studio. There's just you, and a white backdrop and it's up to you to bring character to the shot. The theme was inspired by pastels, intending to be quite pretty and girly, but with a harsher facial expression to add an edge. We were kindly given some clothes by Huddersfield boutique Sitting Pretty. The mint green dress I wore was gorgeous, the detailing on the front was so different!
I was also excited to work with Becci as I had seen some of her work beforehand, and word had recently spread that her photos had appeared in Tatler magazine, very high profile indeed! She was a great photographer to work with, I definitely recommend her. Precision was of high importance, to ensure the composition in the shot was perfect. She knew exactly what she wanted to create and gave strong and clear direction. Not all serious though, her instructions at one point was 'Right go mad, give me everything you've got!'
The make up was to be pastel colours, to coincide with the concept. From the picture you can that my eyes were insane! A blend of orange, blue & pink, with a white highlight showed up wonderfully on the final edits. Carlee used an airbrush to apply foundation, something I hadn't experienced before. It was a weird feeling, like someone blowing cold air onto your face, then I open my eyes and wahla my base was done!
The shoot was a mixture of solo shots and group shots with two other models, Rachael and Imeerah. The girls were lovely to work with and made for a really fun shoot. Can't wait to see the final edits and hopefully work with them all again!
Travelling to the shoot on the train with no make up on. :O

My trusty travel bag.

Photography: Becci Short
Makeup Artists: Carlee Causer & Liza Mooney
Models: Rachael Pitt & Imeerah Ambrose
Location: Leeds College of Art

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